Telecommunications Recruiting

Telecom wasn’t the sexiest division and line of enterprise for a Recruiter and Staffing Sales Executive again then and I can’t say a whole lot has modified. In many ways, this is a good factor! One of the excellent ways to turn out to be a success in Staffing is to carve out a gap. Learn about an enterprise and phase sub categories inside. Become an expert discern.

I dipped my toe into the IT staffing market a few years lower back, and as a great deal as I tried to revel in this pursuit I couldn’t locate the ardour. No doubt, IT Recruiting is a moneymaking commercial enterprise model and plenty of recruiters and income executives had been particularly a success! It simply wasn’t for me. The opposition become fierce, the opportunities seemed saturated, and our provider providing was certainly one of many.

Oh Telecom, I just can’t quit you!

As I soar lower back into Telecommunications recruiting, I even have found out the panorama and generation has modified dramatically. You see, again inside the hay day, I turned into the PBX King! If my clients needed a SL1 Meridian Technician or a NEC 2400 Engineer, I turned into their go-to-man.

The phrases commonly used again then protected:
-Switch Technician
-Cable Puller
-Key System Technician
-Central Office Technician
-OSP Engineer
-NOC Engineer/Manager

While a number of these phrases and technologies still exist, it is no longer the call for nor taste of the day.


I’m learning quick that Wireless is the here and now. I feel like a 24 year antique once more starting out in the business. I’m learning a notable amount about the Wireless industry, developments, skill-units, and emerging technologies. It’s distinctly thrilling to be again.

Nowadays, to speak the Wireless Telecommunications lingo one must become familiar with those few phrases:
-Small Cell